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The China Internet Peering Ecosystem
In China, the Tier 1 ISPs are China Telecom which dominates the South, and China Unicom formerly known as China Netcom, that dominates the North. Unfortunately, both of these networks are interconnected with one another in only a handful of places, which are also could be congested and lead to inter-connectivity problem
Solution: Deploy BGP Internet for China.
CACloud BGP Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service is a high-speed Internet access offering dedicated access to Internet backbones of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.
Features and benefits
Our diversified routing optimizes network performance
We support various bandwidth and physical interfaces
Rely on our outstanding network performance, low latency and packet loss rate
We customize your access with high-speed and optional solutions, multiple access speeds and network transmission paths
Rely on our 24x7 bi-lingual NOC service and support
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