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“Scalable, on-demand, cost effective ”
Cloud Hosted Applications
With CACloud, your enterprise IT organization can run enterprise applications in a scalable, on-demand, cost-effective cloud. CACloud provides you with a proven on-boarding cloud-enablement process for moving your applications to the cloud. We can work with you to effectively and rapidly move your applications to our cloud-computing platform.
“mix of enter-prise applica-tions”
Hybrid Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting
CACloud can easily integrate cloud computing with your suite of dedicated systems to create a robust hybrid cloud environment. You’re always in control of applications running on a hybrid production environment.
“accommodate sea-sonal or permanent demand spikes”
Cloud-Enabled Computing
By definition, cloud computing enables your enterprise IT infrastructure to accommodate seasonal or permanent demand spikes, with guaranteed performance and availability for overflow traffic. CACloud offers robust service level agreements (SLAs) to back-up these guarantees.
“fully managed 24/7/365 Cloud”
Fully Managed Infrastructure
With CACloud services, you can transfer management and support of your cloud environment to our teams of infrastructure experts.
CACloud team delivers 24/7/365 hosting services.
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